Media Copyright Protection

MarkAny Content SAFER provides anti-piracy protection for various multimedia contents
such as video, e-book, voice and audio on PC and mobile environment.

Invisible Watermarking

Insert invincible identifier DNA per each user, allowing the studio or content provider to track the source of leakage

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Real-Time Watermark Insertion and Detection

A unique identifier Watermark is inserted into the content while streaming the video in real-time. The unique identifier designated per each user can be extracted to check the leakage source

Support streaming and non-streaming SD, HD, Full HD, UHD content services as well as set-top box services

Support variety of video content standards, devices, and services under different environment

Multimedia content encryption and access control DRM

Encryption and access control through our content DRM prevents piracy for video, image, and audio content

Screen Capture Prevention

Block piracy by preventing duplication and screen capture

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Reinforcement about copyright knowledges to users & providing adequate measurement

By notifying service users of watermark implementation, it can make users enhanced copyrights awareness and reduced illegal copy attempt.
It has also permitted to the service provider to recover the reliability and to be able to claim to those who had illegally reproduced the contents using the printed watermark information.

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