About Us


Founded in 1999 by John Choi who envisioned a fully customizable data security solution that helps organizations to focus on their proficiency instead of taking the burden of securing their data, MarkAny grew to be one of the dominant data security solution providers in South Korea today. MarkAny currently takes care of approximately 4,000 customers around the globe with its industry-grade technology which has been highly commended by countless patents and awards as proven track records. With over 17 years of expertise and market insights into data security, MarkAny is here to be your trusted partner of choice.


In May of 2001, MarkAny developed Document SAFER™, the world’s first DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution designed to prevent breaches in the nation’s critical data and advanced technologies. In October of 2001, e-Page SAFER™ was released as the world’s first solution of document forgery. prevention The solution has contributed to uplift the level of public administrative services by significant improvement and further promoted the advent of e-government in Korea. MarkAny, to extend the expertise in data security from the document as a new form of application to content industry, successfully launched Content SAFER™ as digital rights management platform and has facilitated to the development of Korea’s digital content industry of music, video and e-book by creating secure environment for the distribution of multimedia content. Over the last 17 years, MarkAny has been well recognized by a number of awards and certificates and took a pride in winning three presidential awards for continued contributions to the growth of Korea’s IT industry.


MarkAny is the world leader in the diverse business area across data security, e-certificate forgery prevention, content distribution and media security solution – watermarking and DRM (Digital Rights Management). It is MarkAny’s innovation through constant research and development of core technology that makes a significant difference and enables the delivery of customer – oriented service. This approach brings our customers full satisfaction with MarkAny’s technical capability and responsive support to best meet their needs, In return, we are proud of remarkable accomplishments of system deployment to more than 1,000 organizations including Korea’s government agencies and a number of renowned enterprises – Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Irdeto.

John Choi

President & CEO

He is one of three researchers who founded MarkAny as a start-up and government’s funded academic lab in 1999 and was named a President and CEO by recognition of a significant endeavor to promote international business.

In his role, he has successfully launched numerous high end tech products to the global marketplace and taken a thoughtful leadership in the company’s overall technology strategy and management of anti-piracy efforts as well as MarkAny’s advanced technology research and intellectual property development.

He has spent more than forty years in the digital security and anti-piracy industry as a professor and entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of data security, content protection, as well as forensic watermarking technology. He served as a former leader of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) to lead Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab and is a professor of software and signal processing at Sang Myung University in Seoul.

John holds his Ph.D. in Management Information System (MIS) from the University of South Carolina in the States after earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Aju University in the Republic of Korea.

Kyung-Hyun Kim


Kyung-Hyun joined MarkAny as a Chief of Human Resources Development Center and has organizational responsibility for MarkAny’s HR function, including HR strategy, policies and programs, and the operational delivery of HR services.

Prior to joining MarkAny, she held various career across HRD and ICT project, including R&D at ASTD, research at the University of Iowa, eLearning business at Dongbu CNI, information system development and system integration at Samsung Data Systems (SDS).

She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Instructional Design & Technology from the University of Iowa.

Corporate Value


Since our establishment in 1999, ‘Innovation in Technology’ has been at the heart of MarkAny’s corporate value. It drive ourselves continuously to make sustainable growth and stay ahead with outstanding performance even under arduous market situation and changes.
We take our mission seriously to nurture the corporate value and ensure each and every employee to understand and join our vision, ‘World’s Top10 Leader in Information Security’ by 2020.

We are on the mission to stay solid toward our vision in 2020. Our mission statement will propel ourselves and deliver great endeavor for ‘Innovation in Technology’.
Data Security – improves business competitiveness by protecting data and information,
Forgery Prevention – facilitates the advance of e-government by innovative technology to verify the authenticity of documents,
Content Security – guarantees the secure distribution of digital content with the industry-renowned copyright protection technology,
Multimedia Security – offers a wide variety of services enabling interactive communication between human and device by watermarking technology,
Mobile Device Security – lead the mobile to the future technology of MDM, MAM, MCM and ECM,
ODA (Official Development Assistance) – delivers international cooperation projects by Korea’s advanced information technologies to developing countries, and
Consulting & Integration – makes a difference by tailored solutions to customer’s needs.


Execution of the seven mission is the expression of our strong will to ensure the corporate value – Innovation in Technology – that, in return, supports to fulfill our business objectives and keeps inspiring our employees to the new level of productivity and achievement of their professional goals. MarkAny will grow to be the world leader upon this vision and mission – to lead customer’s confidence in working with us as MarkAny’s valued partner.

Patents & Awards


We offer fast deployment of security solutions through highly responsive customer supports and award-winning technology. Our forward-thinking solutions boast multiple industry awards for innovation, deployment and flexibility in system integration.

MarkAny applies for more than 10 new patents every year, and records the highest number of patents in Korea. We also conduct our operations according to industry standards to ensure our solutions and services attain high levels of quality and security.

In return, we won three awards from the President of the Republic of Korea along with a number of awards and certificates for our significant contribution to the advancement of the Korean IT industry*.

MarkAny is the trusted specialist in security solutions that address the best way to protect data, digital contents and document in the most innovative and integrated way.


* Korea’s Globally-recognized Products, KOTRA Guaranteed Brand (2012), Excellent Technology Research Center under the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, 1st Phase (2012), Excellent Technology Research Center under the Ministry of Industry and Energy, 2nd Phase(2014)

* Address :
7F / 10F, Ssanglim BD,
286, Toegye-ro Jung-gu, Seoul,
Republic of Korea

* Tel :  + 82-2-2262-5333
* e-mail :  overseas@markany.com