Data Protection

MarkAny’s Document SAFER encrypts all data generated in your business system, preventing important asset and data leakage.
We create a secure, yet efficient work environment for your company

Automatic data encryption
& Access control

Automatic data encryption and full access control over who can access the data for what purpose across a wide range of platforms. Range of access control includes viewing, editing, transferring, printing, and taking screenshots

Track and Log

All data transferring, taking screenshots, printing, viewing, and editing activities are tracked and recorded in the log.
Printed contents are screen captured and left in the log as image files

Web information protection

Prevent external users who are viewing your website from copying, stripping, printing information without your permission

AI for privacy protection

AI detects sensitive personal information prior to printing, and automatically prevents from printing personal information unless exceptional access is given by the administrator

Printed content source tracking

Clients have full control over who can print which file for how many times, and until when.
Invisible signature is embedded on printed documents, allowing to track back to the source of leakage

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Enhanced security awareness through building
a secure and effective work system

With the success adoption of Document SAFER, Hyundai Heavy Industries has secured a safe and effective work environment.
In addition, by applying the solution to partners,
Hyundai Heavy Industries has been able to raise awareness of security as well as employees and partners.

Other Clients

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AI Surveillance Camera

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