CCTV Security & AI Surveillance Camera

MarkAny CCTV Video Protection is for CCTV video information security and export management. To prevent leakage accident,
CCTV images should be encrypted, securely distributed when it needs to be export. Also the solution enables masking unrelated objects.

Image encryption and access control

Image or still image files can be used only with license with MarkAny encryption module
Controls the number of views, the period, and the number of PCs according to permissions

Privacy masking

Automatic tracking of privacy-related objects such as personal images in video to perform batch masking

Export control

Provides management system and status statistics report for export application and total management process


It is possible to track the first runner, the path and source of leakage by watermarking

Automatic reporting on 6 dangerous events

Detects and report intrusion, fire & arson, suspicious objects,
fight, restricted area entry, unconscious person

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