Anti-forgery Solution

MarkAny's e-Certificate SAFER makes it easier to issue forgery risk-free certificates and documents.
We help our clients and their partners to improve their work efficiency by going paperless and making it easier to detect forgery and fraud

Invincible signature &
Multi-dimensional barcode

Our invincible signature and multi-dimensional barcode track traces of the original document DNA, making it impossible to forge the document without being detected

Instant verification

Receivers can instantly verify whether the certificate has been forged in real-time

Detail and graphical verification report

Our dashboard provides a detail report on which part of the document has been forged and what type of forging attacks has been used

Online copy protection
& Printer control

Prevents users without permission from printing, saving, and copying the certificate when viewing it through a web browser. Administrators have full control over how many times and until when the certificate can be printed and saved

Track and Log

All activities including, viewing, copying, printing, and transferring the certificates are tracked and recorded in the log

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Increase work efficiency and reliability

MarkAny has deployed easy-to-use online certificate issuance process.
The staff in charge of issuance no longer needs to issue a certificate after complicated steps to improve their efficiency.
Also, customers who need to be issued can get certificates online at home. They don't have to go to the office or waiting for issuing the certificate anymore.

Other Clients

Screen Shot Prevention

Media Copyright Protection