Hardcopy Document System to Audit and Construct Supervisory Monitoring for Hardcopy Control and Protection

3D Printing

Provides a cloud-based solution to support a safe 3D model distribution system and revitalize the 3D printing eco-system.


DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Watermarking Solution for Multimedia Content Protection with Forensic Mark to Trace Illegal Distribution


E-Document Solution to Edit and Manage with Anti-Forgery Function to Detect the Attempt of Forgery

Mobile Device

Hardcopy Document System to Audit and Construct Supervisory Monitoring for Hardcopy Control and Protectio

Data-centric Security

Effective solutions introduced

Data Protection

Effective prevention of data leak by
automatic encryption of data from its creation

User Authentication

AStrict user management
for data access and use

Data Use Rights Control

Safe control of data export and
print in abnormal practice

Data Use Log

Through record-keeping of data use
and export by system administrator

3D Printing Security

Effective solutions introduced


Protects your IPR of 3D
printable contents

Feature Extraction

Examines similarities to
other designs in order to
prevent piracy

Digtal Forensic

Tracks illegal distribution of
your 3D printable contents

THz Scan

Detects IPR out of
actual 3D outputs

Multimedia Security

Effective solutions introduced

Trace of Illegal Re-Distribution

Easy insertion of imperceptible
information user info in the content
to trace illicit re-distribution to
secure the value of contents.

OTT Service Support

Seamless user experience of secure
Live Broadcast or Live OTT Streaming
over various device

Set-Tops Service Support

Fast and secure delivery of VOD, linear
OTT Streaming and linear broadcast
contents from Set-tops and Smart DTVs

Robustness-guaranteed Custom for Business Demands

Excellent algorithm and architecture
for various business case with
robustness guaranteed.

Forgery Prevention

Effective solutions introduced

Online Document Issuance

Ubiquitous environment to issue
document online via internet

Accurate Forgery Verification

Quick and easy to detect the forgery of
document on PC and mobile by 2D barcode

Improved Customer Satisfaction

No additional system required
than printer at customer’s premise

Cost-Saving Effect on Doc Issuance

Benefit from saving human resource for
document release, printer and paper

Mobile Device Security

Effective solutions introduced

Device control

Comprehensively control any integrated
devices (camera, recorder, networks, etc.)

User Authentication

Strict authentication per
user and device

Data Security

Securely encrypt target data
in mobile devices

Access Control to of Apps

Authorization to
accessible office Apps

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