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Latest News

  • MarkAny Releases Mobile Document Protection Solution for Samsung DeX
    Press Released May 31, 2017 Automatic save document files into central server While increasing interests of mobile office, MarkAny has released ‘DexDRM’, the document protection solution for mobile, specialized in Samsung DeX dock station which makes smartphone work likes PCs. The solution interconnects with PC document protection solution and provides auto-encryption, copy protection and screen capture prevention on mobile environment. It also enables reading, editing, saving the encrypted documents on smartphone. Especially, the solution provides any functions of document protection docking on Samsung DeX. MarkAny announced DexDRM convenient for collaboration. By interworking with collaborative server, external users can share encrypted documents. External users can view the documents in PC and mobile environment after viewer (app) installation. "Mobile hardware performance is gradually becoming comparable to PCs," said John Choi, MarkAny CEO, "In the near future, smartphones will be no longer PC ancillary devices. It is time to change the design of security solution that mainly designed PC environment. "
  • MarkAny Unveils UHD Watermarking Technology at NAB 2017 Show
    Press Released April 26th, 2017 MarkAny has been proven UHD watermarking technology by major Hollywood studios MarkAny has exhibited UHD watermarking technology at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2017 show, the world’s largest broadcasting equipment exhibition in Las Vegas, 22nd ~ 27th April. MarkAny Content TRACKER is watermarking technology for copyrights, it can track first leaker and leakage path of illegally distributed content by embedding user information invisibly. At the NAB 2017 show, MarkAny presented forensic watermarking solution which enables inserting into UHD images in real time. The solution already passed performance test of major Hollywood studios and it is expected to be used for copyright protection for Hollywood premium content distribution in the United States. Watermarking technology has noted core technology of broadcasting content protection. Only a small number of companies can supply UHD watermarking technology because of the high level of technical difficulty. UHD requires quadrupled resolution than conventional Full HD and high compression of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). That is the reason why it is difficult to apply UHD images watermarking. John Choi, CEO of MarkAny said, "MarkAny has a unique position in the digital watermarking market in the world. Based on the Hollywood Studio certification, the MarkAny watermarking technology will protect UHD image content from Hollywood producers to domestic distributors. It will be a necessary solution for the future. "
  • MarkAny Accelerates Public Market with CCTV Security Solution Lineup
    Press Released March 8th, 2017 MarkAny has been trying to reinforce CCTV solution lineup and expend to the public sector. MarkAny announced it launched CCTV asset management and CCTV password solution. In addition, both solutions have recently acquired GS certificate level 1 which is certified of software by government. The company already register the public procurement service of both solutions. ‘Asset MANAGER for CCTV’, a CCTV asset management solution MarkAny launched is optimized for CCTV control center. The solution provides systemic management functions such as fault management, log control and electronic payment. In particular, it can also conveniently manage attendance and payroll for the CCTV control agents. Currently, this solution is operated in 10 local governments including Gyeongsan City, Dongducheon City, Chungju City, and Andong City. 'Password SAFER for CCTV' is a solution that specialized in CCTV password management such as password change automation and log management. Encrypted password is automatically stored in data base, also applied to VMS (Video Management System). Especially, Password SAFER provides user identification based on fingerprint recognition and OTP (One Time Password) issuance for user convenience. Currently, Patent application for product is also completed. John Choi, CEO of MarkAny, said “MarkAny CCTV security solution is leading related market taken 70% share. MarkAny will be expected to enlarge public market based on solution lineup and Public Procurement Service registration.”