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Latest News

  • MarkAny CEO, John Choi Choi was appointed Honorary Consul of Tunisia in Korea
    Press Released December 13th, 2017 MarkAny’s CEO, John Choi has been appointed as a honorary consul between two countries, Tunis and South Korea. John Choi has been named by Tunisian Ambassador of South Korea, Nabih El Abed who hopes to strengthen both cultural and economic ties between the two countries. John Choi is the founder of the IT security firm, MarkAny which specializes in Digital Rights Management(DRM) technologies, e-certificate anti-forgery technologies and multimedia contents digital rights protection technologies. He and his firm have been developing these technologies for over 20 years and John is considered as one of the leading IT leaders in South Korea. Nabih El Abed has stated John Choi will be the right man to ensure cooperation in economic investment and cultural exchanges between the two countries with help of John’s longstanding knowledge in IT related research and personal connections. Abed also added that the Tunisian government will do what they can to help John to achieve this goal. John Choi replied he would be honored to be selected as a honorary consul of Tunis and will put forth his utmost effort to achieve what he was appointed to do.  
  • MarkAny Releases Advanced All-in-one DRM for Small-Medium Businesses
    Press Released November 14th, 2017 The hallmark feature of this new product is that it comes with hardware, operating system and DBMS and has no need for physical device configuration or user intervention to implement. It is a basic plug-and-play device that will be available for use once it is plugged to a power source. Other features includes auto document encryption, anti-forgery and screen protection, centralized backup server, CAD protection, print security and USB/SD media write restrictions. It is well-suited for small or medium sized firms and does not require a huge investment to be implemented. CUBE is aimed to protect companies’ confidential data from the recent ransomware incidents. When the CUBE’s central backup is initiated, all of the documents created by employers’ computers are automatically encrypted and saved to the central server backup folder to prevent ransomware from locking down confidential data. CAD protection is also added to the product. If CAD protection is enabled, not only office documents such as Word or Powerpoint can be encrypted but also CAD files like Auto CAD, Solid Works, Solid Edge, Inventor, CATIA can be encrypted. Copying and pasting important data from company owned computer to external hard drive is one of the easiest ways to extract data. CUBE has added measures to prevent this by completely disabling copy and paste command to the external hard drives such as SD drives or USB portable drives. The application deploys almost instantly on installed computer and it will pop up a notice whenever USB or SD card is attached to the computer.
  • MarkAny Released Voice Verification Solution for the Visually Impaired
    Press Released Aug 22, 2017 Targeting the market with reasonable price MarkAny has launched a solution called ‘Voice Barcode’ which can be verified via voice recognition and is intended for people with visually impairments. The company has vowed to set on taking over the markets by signing a contract with the one of the biggest suppliers of life insurance in South Korea. This ‘Voice Barcode’ was solely developed to abide by the Act on the prohibition of discrimination against person with disabilities and to combat the discrimination against the disabled by providing certificates that can be verified via voice recognition. This also can be used in any mobile phones with voice recording capabilities. This product has been proved to be stable and secure through compliance with the Broadcasting Communication Standard (KCS.KO-06.0181). It can be integrated with any current verification systems and supports various system operation environments. It also provides Software Development Kits(SDK) for both Android and Apple users to provide accessibility and convenience for people with visually impairments. Since MarkAny takes up for more than 70% of the domestic market shares in both anti-forgery and certificate verification solutions, this product can easily be integrated into the current verification systems and be utilized safely. MarkAny CEO, Jong-Uk Choi stated “In spite of the law against discrimination against person with disabilities being implemented for almost 10 years, the IT sectors in South Korea have yet to provide and improve services to those with disabilities. MarkAny will be the key player to stop this discrimination by accommodating a reasonable price for the ‘Voice Barcode’.